Lunch time treat in Amble

The Fish Shack on Amble Harbour

We go to Amble regularly on a pleasant Sunday. But this was our first visit to the newly opened Fish Shack.

Situated directly on the harbour in an unassuming wooden shack. Decking and picnic tables outside, along with two upturned boats with seating inside for those days when you don’t want to eat outside.

Mackerel Sandwich at The Fish Shack

I had the mackerel sandwich. The mackerel was cooked to order, and it was all served with salad which included sautéed seaweed and samphire.

Salmon at The Fish Shack in Amble

Partner went for the salmon with asparagus and scrambled egg, again, with a topping of samphire.

What I was surprised at, was that they had a power supply problem when we called, so with no electricity, they were cooking everything on a barbecue outside. If this is the standard of food they can produce with no power, when other eateries wouldn’t even open, then they really are very special indeed.

They are soon to get a drinks licence, and we are already looking forward to taking our next load of visitors to visit.

I couldn’t help thinking it would be a great place for a party. A few twinkly lights in the boat sheds, with the wine flowing and fish being cooked in front of you from the grill. I wish them every success, and would urge you to visit before the hoards cotton on and you can’t get a table.