Simply Cook


I recently received a trial pack from

You get all the spices and stock you need in a handy little pack, along with recipe cards, or download the app.

You just need to buy your main ingredients.

Jerk Chicken with rice and peas

For this jerk Chicken with rice and peas, I received all the spices I needed for the chicken, along with stock for the rice. The recipe card and app have handy little shopping lists. The ingredients you receive have a fairly long shelf life, so no rush to get cooking. All meals take no longer than 20 minutes to cook, so suit those of us with busy lives. You can also choose the frequency of delivery, and tailor your food choices.

Rum baked pineapple

If you are anything like me, you might want to add a pudding, here’s a super simple one that fits in with your Caribbean main meal.

Just drizzle a little rum over your fresh pineapple segments, then top with cinnamon and brown sugar, and bake in a hot oven, or on a hot griddle.

Wray & Nephew rum

And you just can’t beat Wray & Nephew rum. Watch out though, it’s powerful stuff!

Caribbean meal

If you would like to receive your own trial pack, just use this link.

If asked for referring member name, please type Safron Faulkner


2 thoughts on “Simply Cook

  1. Tried something similar here in Germany (which hat all ingredients in the package), but I love the idea that you buy your main articles at your local shops. And that you can choose the periods you get a delivery.


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