Starting my journey to health



We’ll the looooong summer holiday is over and small person is back to school. We’ve had some great days out, lots of paddling in the sea, fish and chips on the prom, and ice-creams at the park, but boy, has the good life taken it’s toll on Mummy’s waistline!


First step was to look at what I am eating. The blender came out of the cupboard and I’ve been enjoying vitamin packed smoothies.


But the biggest help has been logging everything I eat and drink over on My Fitness Pal


As you can see I’ve had a great first week. I’m known as safrolistics over there, I’d love to join up with others looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

And of course now small person is back in school, I can get out on some long walks


I’ve been logging my walks using the Endomondo app. Again, another free app. This links directly to My Fitness Pal. Every bit of exercise you do, automatically gives you more calories to eat. You can also link your step counter or fitbit if you have one.

So onwards and upwards. Remember the only diet tip you need, is eat less calories than you use. In this first week I’ve enjoyed a huge tapas meal in a restaurant, and homemade chocolate cake. Just balance those indulgences with healthy choices and exercise.

Wish me luck!






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