Day out at Woodhorn Museum

Vintage Car Rally at Woodhorn

We class ourselves as really lucky to live nearby to Woodhorn museum. Throughout the year they have lots of interesting things going on, and today it was the vintage car rally.

OK, so maybe not all Mummy’s will find this interesting, but my Dad had a vintage Triumph Herald that he fixed up himself, and I spent much of my youth being taken to vintage car, bike, and steam rally’s Modern vehicles don’t do much for me, but an old Triumph bike, Lambretta, Vespa, MG, LandRover or VW really float my boat. And we weren’t disappointed with the turn out, plenty of cars from different eras, something for everyone’s taste, from shiny red racing machines, to a gorgeous Bedford milk delivery van.

Bedford Van.

A visit anywhere isn’t complete without a visit to the cafe, and once again, Woodhorn doesn’t disappoint. Often when we eat out, small person is finished, and that’s it, he wants to go, at Woodhorn we had pictures to colour in, a quiz about red squirrels to complete, building blocks, puzzle, and his favourite, books about wildlife to read. So he was well occupied while I could take my time over coffee and very freshly baked scone. My only complaint, the coffee cups just aren’t big enough….. do they not realise how much caffeine some of us Mummy’s need? Ha Ha

Fully occupied whilst I enjoyed my coffee.

Of course Woodhorn also has every changing art exhibitions, alongside it’s permanent displays. This visit we caught the WEA exhibition in one of the galleries.

WEA Exhibition
Artist made donation box

Woodhorn always has a very full year, from the annual miner’s picnic, to the Christmas extravaganza, which last year was amazing, check out their website and plan your visit. And don’t forget a short trip on the Narrow Gauge Railway up to the lakeside to see the water fowl, and maybe spend some time at the pub enjoying the view, alonside a budget hotel if you are planning a longer trip.



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