Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid

As someone who worked in professional kitchens for more years than I care to remember, I grew to loath cooking at home.  Not that I lost the love of creating something delicious to share with loved ones, more that I hated the faff and mess of cooking at home.

In a work environment, I was lucky enough to use high powered and efficient kitchen gadgets, (and a kitchen porter to do the washing up!) and anything I’ve used at home has been a real disappointment.  Until now!

Homemade cake.

Meet the Kitchen Aid. Not a new product, they have been around for quite a while, but they do have a hefty price tag, which is why it’s taken me quite some years to get my hands on one.

The motor is powerful, and it’s very easy to use. My five year old helped me with my first trial, and even he could use it. It took no time at all to whip up a light and fluffy Victoria sponge cake. And just seconds to make a crumble topping.

Making a cake

One of my main likes? No waste. The attachments, be it dough hook, paddle, or whisk, fits perfectly and reaches everywhere. No Un-mixed butter at the bottom of the bowl, or dry flour at the top. So on the whole, if you can afford one, I would totally recommend a Kitchen Aid mixer. It’ re-awakened a love of baking, and I’m even inspired to try making bread next, something I’ve had very little success with at home.

Now I just need to find a good stick blender like the ones I used to use at work, and I’ll be a happy little domestic goddess. XIMG_20160619_180800




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