Overnight oats with fruit

Breakfast has become something of an obsession lately. Back when I worked full time, I would just have a drink of water before heading out the door for the day, then grab something to eat once I was at work. Then once I had my son, it was just a case of having something easy whilst I sorted him out, usually his leftover toast.

But all that has changed now. I still don’t have a lot of time in the mornings, but the discovery of overnight porridge is a blessing.

Overnight oats

The easiest, and most traditional breakfast like, is overnight oats.          One cup of rolled oats.                            One cup of apple juice.                         Leave to soak overnight.                           It’s that simple. Add fruit to your taste, and there you go.

Ingredients for chia seed porridge

I’m  a little late to the party with chia seeds. They are all over instagram and pinterest. But I’m loving this recipe.  One cup coconut milk.                                    One cup almond yoghurt.                        One quarter cup of chia seeds.              Mix together and leave overnight in the fridge. Serve with fruit of choice. I went for pomegranate today.

Chia seed porridge with pomegranate.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. I love overnight oats and chia pudding too! I often have both as weekday breakfasts (when it’s not a fast day). My favourite is oats soaked in a bit of almond milk, mashed banana and a bit of almond/peanut butter. I then top with blueberries/raspberries in the morning 🙂

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