Raw Porridge

Very occasionally I will give my body a treat, and eat clean, healthy food.

So we started today with Mummy and me raw porridge.

Clean Eating Raw Porridge

Incredibly simple to make, and delicious too.


Soak porridge oats overnight in the liquid of your choice. For small person’s oats I used milk, and for mine I used apple juice. I’ve used rolled Scotish chunky oats. To a ratio of 1 to 1. So for the grown up size, half a cup of oats, to half a cup of juice.

For the bigger one with apple juice, I threw in some chopped dates, milled flaxseed and sultanas, left in the fridge over night, and it was ready to eat in the morning. I just put in in the microwave for 40 seconds to take the fridge chill off it. The apple, oats, dates and sultanas were sweet enough not to have to add anything, and tasted Scrummy.  You may need to add a little extra liquid in the morning, but that is down to taste.

For small person’s version, it was milk and oats soaked overnight. In the morning I heated his a little, added a few sultanas, and sweetened with some maple syrup. It tasted exactly like a flapjack.

Have fun experimenting with these. You can use fruit, or even chocolate!


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