Easter Fun

I really enjoyed getting back to basics this Easter. Pre child, I worked in catering, so was usually cooking other people’s dinner, and post child, I lost the love of cooking. When all your nutritious offerings are rejected for beans and hotdogs, you soon learn not to bother wasting food.

Cooking with lard

This year however, I wanted to make a traditional family meal. So I ditched the usual frozen roast potatoes, and instead made my own, par-boiling, then roasting in hot lard. It may not sound good to modern palettes, but trust me, even small person ate them all, and he isn’t a lover of spuds.

De-glazing the roasting tin

Next came the gravy. Another thing I usually cheat with, using granules that all too many times, are totally tasteless. But today I had roasted a leg of lamb, studed with cloves of garlic, on a bed of shallots. Once the meat was out of the pan and resting, I de-glazed the pan, getting all those Scrummy burnt on bits, added a bit of red currant jelly, and viola. Gravy, that once again, small person surprised me with by having second helpings.

Modelling sand

This year we didn’t do chocolate eggs, we each decided to have gifts instead, so after dinner small person settled down to play with his modelling sand, which we bought at Papercuts in Whitley Bay https://m.facebook.c https://m.facebook.com/papercutswhitleybay/

fortunately the weather held out, and we got to enjoy the beach too.



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