Artique in Amble

Artique in Amble

Artique in Amble is one of those places you can spend hours in. It’a large building which was once a restaurant. It stood empty for quite some time before it was taken over by this unusual business. Every available space on the shop floor is rented by local people to sell their wares.


You can find everything from vintage and antique, to the handmade and unusual.

Every corner and doorway holds a new surprise.


They also have a warm and friendly cafe, which serves delicious homemade food.


This really is a one stop shop for any gift you have in mind. Locally handcrafted. Children’s toys and books. Vintage and collectables. Crafting and art supplies. And the best cheese scones in town.



5 thoughts on “Artique in Amble

  1. It looks wonderful! There’s something a bit like that here in Nijmegen, except no café, unfortunately. Mind you, I saw it last year, so it could be gone by now. I did write a blog post about it but didn’t actually post it. There was also an amazing shop like this in Boulder, Colorado when we were there. Sounds like I have to resurrect my draft and link to your post. I wish I’d known about all these lovely places when we were staying in Cumbria last year.


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