Papercuts Craft Shop.


This is my first review of a local craft shop. Something I’ve been meaning to do for some time.

Papercuts is in Whitley Bay. And I certainly picked the right day to visit.

It’s a double fronted shop, with one half used as a workshop and meeting room.


On the day I visited there was a large group using the room to make greeting cards, then later there was a kids group decorating cupcakes for Mothers day gifts. I found there were lots of things for children in the shop, and a constant stream of parents and kids coming in to buy items to make things at home.

Kids Craft items

Of course Papercuts is a craft shop with a difference. Hidden away at the back, is a little gem of a place called The Gallery. The Gallery is packed with locally made art and hand crafted items, and on the day I visited they were hosting an exhibition for local artist Zoe Scott, who was there for a Meet The Maker event, and holding a demonstration session.

Meet the artist. Zoe Emma Scott

I was amazed at some of the talented makes in this little aladdins cave. You could buy artist made greeting cards from £2, up to huge canvases for £250. With everything from jewellery to ceramics in between.


Papercuts itself, as the name might suggest, specialises in Paper. With just about every colour and variety you could think of. But there really is something for everyone here, and if they haven’t got what you are looking for? Just ask. The staff are knowledgeable and incredibly helpful with new items arriving constantly.

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Papercuts and The Gallery . 1 & 2 Roxburgh House. Whitley Bay NE26 1DS



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