Meet the maker. Dinky Diner Miniatures

I love arts and crafts. Some artists inspire me to try it myself, whilst others blow me away with their expertise, and I realise that no matter how long I practised, I could never replicate what they do.

One of these is Kelly of Dinky Diner Miniatures. Just take a look at the amazingly realistic food displays she makes for dolls houses. And read about her in her own words

roast dinnergarlic bread


I’m 33 and from Ashington but I now live with my fiancé and our son in Newbiggin. I studied Fine Art at Liverpool Hope Uni and got a 2:1. I’ve always been interested in art and have been creative ever since I was little. I used to have a dolls house when I was 8 which my dad made for me. On a visit to York he took me to a dolls house shop which sold tiny plates of food which I was absolutely fascinated by. For my 30th birthday my fiancé bought me a dolls house kit which I built but I immediately got sidetracked by all the miniature plates of food which were for sale on the internet. I decided to buy some tiny plates and have a go at making miniature food myself and I absolutely love it. I had no idea that dolls house miniatures were such a popular hobby and it is amazing to connect with so many collectors and talented artisans from all over the world. I love recreating food items from real life and experimenting with different colours and textures to make them look realistic. I’m forever asking my fiancé and son “what does this look like?” to test them to see if it really does look like what I mean it to! I have so much fun making miniature food it is so encouraging to get lots of lovely feedback from my family, friends and customers.

Ploughmanspasta mealMexican mealhalloween partyEaster2Easter1

If you would like to see more of Kelly’s work, then you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and you can buy from her shop.


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