Beginning to Paper Cut

“Cutting paper” you say. Not much skill needed there, most school children seem to manage it. But when you take a look at some of the intricate designs of artists such as Paper Panda, then you’ll begin to see why I love it so much.

Papercut design by artist Louise Firchau of Paper Panda.
Papercut design by artist Louise Firchau of Paper Panda.

Not cut by scissors, but by knife. And wonder of    wonders, I noticed that she also sold starter kits on  her website

So, what did I get, and what did I think about it?

Well, firstly, you really do receive everything you could possibly need. Cutting mat, knife with extra blades. A sheet of simple exercises to practice, and full instructions. With all the paper, and printed designs to make a number of pieces for yourself once you are more confident with the knife.

Full Kit
Full Starter Kit
Simple exercises to build knife control
Simple exercises to gain knife control
Gaining confidence
Gaining confidence
Getting there.
Getting there.

I had tried paper cutting a few months before, but found it very hard. After reading through the instructions with this kit, I realised that I had been using the wrong sort of paper, and my knife hadn’t been sharp enough. So really worth investing in this kit, rather than just starting yourself.
And now I’m a total papercutting convert. I love it. I’ve framed my first design, and made greetings cards from others. The one piece of advice I would give? Don’t scrimp on the knife blades. As soon as you feel the blade getting duller, change it for a new one, the difference between a very sharp knife, and a blunt one, is huge. Keep those blades fresh.

My first framed piece
My first framed piece
Starting work on my biggest piece yet.
Starting work on my biggest piece yet.

Okay, so what else do you need to know? If you plan to sell your piece, make sure you have permission from whoever designed the artwork. All of Paper Panda art is copyrighted. If you sell what you make from her templates, you risk being taken to court. So either keep them, send them as gifts, or you could always design your own template….. that’s next on my agenda. Watch this space!

Paper Panda has a lovely website, where you can buy not only the starter kit and templates, but also finished pieces of work and gifts here.


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